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Ruffled Scarf Tutorial

flamenco.jpgWe have been flooded with requests for the pattern/how-to for this ruffled scarf. There really isn’t much of a pattern to this, so I think this video tutorial will do the trick.

First, you’ll need to gather a few supplies:

*1 skein Flamenco yarn (this unique yarn is what makes the ruffles)

*Size 11 needles (gauge is irrelevant with this yarn). Needles can be straight or circular. Make sure straight needles have large enough stops to prevent the loops from hopping off the end. The work really spreads out on the needles because of the gathered ruffles so this can easily happen.

*Piece of waste yarn & large-eyed tapestry needle.

Flamenco is available in several fabulous solid and multi-color shades that are in-stock now! Come in and see us, or order online. Mr. Mailman will help us deliver some right to your doorstep.

11 Responses to “Ruffled Scarf Tutorial”

  1. Marsha Ruff Says:

    It is so nice to get instructional videos, giving me ideas, as well as new yarn to use! I live in a smaller city with little in the way of yarn varieties and less in creative projects, so thank you for these videos! Please make more :)
    P.S. I did buy a skein from you and will make the scarf, it is adorable!

  2. Brenda Davenport Says:

    Dear Keely, What would we do without swak. I ordered 3 skeins of the Flamenco and recieved it through the mail and can hardly wait to make my first one. I can only hope this is not too hard for a person that has a hard time with something new but since it is visual I should have no problem. Thanks, Brenda

  3. Vania Says:

    This video is a life saver! Thank you so much! I saw the yarn and had to buy it. Then I got home and had no idea how to knit it up! Just like you said smaller needles really make it much harder. Wonderful tutorial and video! Thanks again.

  4. Barbara Dawson Says:

    Thank you for the very instructional video. I tried a few different ways of knitting with this yarn, but your tutorial was the first chance I had to actually see it worked. I am saving your video to my favorites so that I can refer to it as I go along. I think this will make the project go much easier for me. Again, thanks!

  5. Jelayne Tena Says:

    Great tutorial!

    You may also want to recommend winding the yarn on an empty toilet paper roll (or something similar) before attempting to work with this yarn. It’s much, much easier when the yarn is wound flat in advance.

  6. Colleen Randal Says:

    Great Tutorial. I tried it before I watched this. I should have watched this tutorial first. Also the tip about wrapping it around an empty toilet paper roll is a MUST as we are doing this to reduce stress right :)

  7. Yrnldy Says:

    Thank you! I met a woman in France who taught me how to make this scarf! But when I returned home, I needed a bit of a refresher on the fine points that may have missed me in our lovely and interesting conversation. I was so happy to find your tutorial! Merci!

  8. Yrnldy Says:

    PS and yes, the ladies in France are wearing this scarf. I walked right up to my now-friend who was wearing and started a conversation and viola!
    And she gave me her scarf after the lesson!

  9. Sealed With a Kiss Says:

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sile OLeary Says:

    Pam, thanks so much. I will give it a try. Sile

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