ChiaoGoo TWIST Shorties Set

ChiaoGoo TWIST Shorties Set
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    ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties Set! Not only does ChiaoGoo offer the world's smallest interchangeables but they now offer the world's shortest interchangeables as well!! New in 2018 this 2" and 3" interchangeable tip system allows knitters to make 9" (23cm) through 14"(36cm) circulars - including differentials!! Some of these new short tips and cables are available in the "Shorites" set which includes 12 sets of solid, surgical stainless steel tips sizes US 0 (2mm) - US 3 (3.25mm) in a secure sleeve, three MINI diameter red cables, end stoppers, tightening keys, connectors, stitch markers and a mini needle gauge, all in a red, pocket-sized nylon fabric pouch.