Lykke Short Interchangeable Set

Lykke Short Interchangeable Set
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    From Lykke, set of short 3.5" Driftwood needles packaged in a denim case. Made of strong birchwood, the Lykke Driftwood needles are very smooth and light. The Driftwood needles are easy on the hands and eyes - a true pleasure to work with. 

    Choose from the original DRIFTWOOD, INDIGO or UMBER.

    INDIGO AND UMBER needles available for pre-order only. Expected arrival, August 2018.

    Each set includes:

    -9 pairs of needles, sizes 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-10.5

    -3 cables 1/16", 1/20", 1/24"

    -2 cord connectors

    -4 keys

    -8 stoppers

    Choose color:
    Original Driftwood