Prism/Chevron Shawl Trio

Prism/Chevron Shawl Trio
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    From Prism Yarns, three chevron shawl patterns knit with a Merino Mia gradient kit. Choose from:

    Eccentric Chevron Gradient Wrap (shown in blue): designed to dip gracefull in th back, this subtly shaped shawl will fit comfortable on your shoulders. Since each row is cut and tied to create fringe as you work, very little finishing is involved. The eccentric chevron pattern adds just enough interest to keep the knitting engaging, and the softly moving colors speak in waves. Twisted cord fringe addes a finishing touch.

    Ankut: Gradually add chevron repeats and the fabric graefully curves; shaping with tapered ends and a reduced upper edge results in a confection of whipped shades that flow upward and curls in seductive ends. 

    Coppertails Shawl: Designed to dip dramatically in the back and cuve around your shoulders, this chevron pattern employs both short and long legs that lend a mysterious three-dimensional effect, even thoug the fabric is flat. Rich twisted cord fringe accentuates the color gradations.