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A Hint of Fall
Saturday, June 18th, 2011

A big box full of new things for fall surprised us on Tuesday. The first bit of Classic Elite’s collection for fall arrived.


We now have all of the colors in Liberty Print. Everyone loves this soft superwash wool so much, we are adding solid shades of Liberty Wool too. The first bit of the solid colors are here.

I was very excited to see Kumara, the delicious blend of merino and baby camel.


Not to brag, but I also managed to nab an advance copy of the pattern so I can start on this sweater right away. It will be nice to have the model ready when the Kumara pattern booklets arrive!

We also have an early bird skein of the new Toboggan, with the pattern for this cute little elf hat. Even though chunky yarns and elf hats aren’t her thing, mom is taking one for the team and working up this sample now.

artiste.jpgKari is almost finished with the Artiste scarf out of Kumara. We received an early copy of this pattern as well.

Looks like we’ll have several fun models ready to go when the pattern booklets arrive. If you too have your eye on some of these projects, give us a shout. We’ll reserve the booklet for you and let you know when they arrive.

It’s been one of those weeks that despite my best efforts, I’m not getting things done as quickly as I’d like. This stuff arrived Tuesday and I’m just now sharing it with you on a Saturday afternoon.

While this stuff is very cool, my next post is going to be about some really exciting new things that unexpectedly appeared on Thursday. I just need some relatively quiet time to do photo editing and such so I can effectively relay the excitement to you. Quiet time is in short supply with me this summer. Here’s why -


We’re having lots of fun and doing lots of crafts this summer, but it sure is interfering with my productivity. Looking forward to some quiet time next week so I can fill you in on cool things!

Fall Yarn Tasting
Friday, June 10th, 2011


Our spring event was such a success, we thought we’d get the ball rolling for fall. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 23 from 4 to 8.

Each participant* will receive a yarn tasting kit from Classic Elite Yarns that includes 5 mini-skeins of fall yarns, links to free patterns for fall, and a chance to win one of several door prizes. In addition, we’ll have snacks, refreshments and a night filled with yarn fun!

*Everyone is welcome to attend the event, however there is a $5 fee to receive the kit and have your name entered in the drawing. Fee is waived/refunded with a purchase of $75 or more in Classic Elite yarns that evening. Kits are limited.

Sign up in advance to guarantee your Yarn Tasting Kit.

Help us determine what yarns to put in the tasting kits. We have a poll on our Facebook page where you can cast your vote!

Here are your choices:


a light and airy
extra-fine merino

(3.5/inch, US 10.5)

Crestone (NEW)

from the MountainTop collection, naturally undyed 100% wool

(4.75 sts/inch, US 6-7)


a lightweight wool, alpaca and angora blend
that is warm, soft and fuzzy

(6.5/inch, US 5)


a buoyant blend of
merino and baby camel

(4.5 sts/inch, US 9)

Liberty Wool

a super soft washable wool available
in solid and printed colors

(5 sts/inch, US 7)


an exquisite blend
of merino and silk

(5.5 sts/inch, US 6)

Toboggan (NEW)

a chunky blend of merino and alpaca featuring a nice twist and soft hand

(2.75 sts/inch, US 10.5)

Vail (NEW)

from the MountainTop collection, naturally undyed blend of baby alpaca and bamboo viscose

(6.75 sts/inch, US 3)

Vista (NEW)

from the MountainTop collection, naturally undyed blend of alpaca & wool

(4.75 sts/inch, US 6-7)

Don’t delay, get your votes in and sign up for the tasting today!

Now & Later
Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Many of you know by now that there is nothing we love more than a really fun deal. Today, we have a fabulous deal for you!


For the next 72 hours you have the opportunity to purchase these awesome deal vouchers:

$10 for $20 in yarn & knitting supplies

$20 for $40 in yarn & knitting supplies

You can buy one to use now, and another to use later! There is a limit of one voucher per person, but with 2 different vouchers to use now, and 2 more to use later you can purchase up to 4 vouchers.
Here’s the skinny:

NOW vouchers are good from the day of purchase through August 15, 2011.

LATER vouchers can be redeemed beginning August 15 and are good through December 31, 2011.

Only one voucher can be redeemed per day, and can not be used in combination with any other deals, discounts or promotions. Our policy is one deal of any kind daily. Vouchers must be redeemed by the person named on the voucher.

Here’s the part you’re really going to like. Now & Later vouchers can be redeemed online too! Instructions for online redemption will be included with your voucher.

Don’t delay! Vouchers can only be purchased through Sunday, June 12.

Get yours today!

Cool Thoughts
Thursday, June 9th, 2011

cover2.jpgSummer sure didn’t waste any time heating things up this year. It seems like we went from warm to sizzling overnight. Despite the 100º temps, I’ve had my mind on cooler weather and fall yarns!

I have looked at several lines for fall already, but the one I’ve been anticipating the most is Classic Elite. They did not disappoint! The pics aren’t as clear as I’d like, but the digitals aren’t online yet so this is all I have to work with. Also, the little composite pics are linked to a large image so you can see everything. Just click to enlarge.toboggan-2.jpg

This first new yarn had Kari & I exclaiming yes, yes yes! Mom came in a bit later and said no, no no! Then we knew for sure it would be a big seller. You like the way we buy yarns? Mom said the same thing about Sprout and it turned out to be a best seller for both us and Classic Elite. Let’s just say chunky isn’t her thing.

Toboggan is a chunky blend of merino and alpaca. It has a nice twist and a very soft hand.

We like the patterns too!


Another yarn that had us doing the happy dance is Kumara, a worsted weight blend of merino studio.jpgand baby camel. We love the yarn and I especially love this sweater!

mountaintop1.jpgmountaintop2.jpgClassic Elite is introducing a new collection called MountainTop. We absolutely love the pattern book for these yarns!


Mom loved it too. The three yarns in the collection are Crestone, Vista and Vail. While we also love the yarns, they only come in natural undyed colors.

While I know many of you share mom’s tastes, the majority of folks want COLOR. This has us sitting on the fence a bit about the yarns. We’ll probably wind up ordering, but will have colorful substitutes to recommend.

Speaking of color, we’re also looking forward to the new pattern booklet for Liberty Wool. This colorful superwash wool was a huge hit last fall, and we plan on adding it in solids as well.

There are also new pattern booklets for Magnolia, Ariosa and Fresco.
Magnolia is a luscious blend of merino and silk.

We added this yarn to our lineup late last fall and it is a lovely yarn with a beautiful sheen!

Ariosa and Fresco are two yarns that we currently have and are on the radar to expand our selection later in the fall.

Classic Elite has reengineered Ariosa.ariosa.jpggreatbook.jpg Previously a merino/cashmere blend, the cashmere has been removed making it a 100% merino yarn. Why? The cashmere made the yarn more costly and a bit fuzzy. We currently have the original Ariosa in stock, but will most likely be replacing it with the new when fall arrives.

Previously this yarn was best suited for accessory items, so we are excited that it will become more garment friendly. Check out these fab patterns for fall!

Fresco is another yarn we are looking to expand. We initially bought this yarn to support Jared Flood’s Made in Brooklyn pattern book. fresco.jpgsnowangels.jpgThe book was introduced at the end of summer and we didn’t receive the yarn until late the next spring. I just love it when things work that way! So you very likely missed its arrival since it was a bit of a non-event.

Fresco is a lightweight blend of wool, alpaca and angora. There are great patterns for this yarn and it will also serve as a lovely alternative to some of the neutral-only yarns featured in the MountainTop collection.


panache1.jpgpanache2.jpgIf sweaters aren’t your thing, you’ll love Panache, a pattern book filled with shawls, wraps and scarves featuring a variety of Classic Elite yarns.

Watch for many of these yarns and patterns to start arriving between now and September, with much more to follow throughout the fall/winter season. Also stay tuned - I’ll be announcing the dates for the fall Yarn Tasting soon!

Adventures in Vacationing
Sunday, June 5th, 2011

I’m back from vacation! While our trip was most excellent, it wasn’t without a few glitches.

don’t let the bedbugs bite…
bates.jpgI wanted to replicate every detail of last summer’s trip, down to the same hotel. When I went to book our hotel, the rate had changed. Keith had suggested a less expensive hotel, so when the price difference exceeded $250 I decided to throw in the towel and be frugal.

We chose a national chain, and the one in Guthrie is very, very nice. I can’t say the same about the one in Arlington. Our first room, according to Mason, smelled like “windys”. The sewer stench was overwhelming. So they moved us to a different floor. It was the nastiest room I’d ever stayed in - every single wall was covered with filth. If the walls were that disgusting, I could only imagine all of the ick I couldn’t see.

I managed to survive a night at the Nasty Inn, but thankfully my diplomatic husband got us out of the remainder of our stay so we could move back to our favorite hotel.

another reason to learn a foreign language…
romanholiday.jpgI bought a new razor recently. Perhaps I’ve been watching too much American Idol because I later discovered it was the “JLo” razor. Works pretty well on the legs, but…

We get to Six Flags and I’m rockin’ my new cool & breezy sun dress when my husband leans over and asks “so did you decide to stop shaving under your arms?” I was totally mortified! Seems my new JLo razor doesn’t work so well on the armpits, and there’s one spot I just can’t seem to hit. Keith thought I was going European on him or something.

At that moment I really wished I was fluent in some foreign language so if anyone else noticed they’d just think I was intriguing and continental rather than a hairy American with a new razor.

speaking of JLo…
jlo.pngAfter two fun-filled days at Six Flags we moved on to Hurricane Harbor, the giant water park across the street (or the human cesspool as I often refer to it.) Unless you’re JLo, this is the last place on earth a middle age mother wants to visit. And I can tell you now the only thing JLo and I have in common other than age group apparently is a razor.

One of the chicks working at the concession stand asked if I was there with kids. Seriously? Like I’d otherwise choose to poke myself in a swimsuit and splash around in water with a random group of people. Despite the ick factor, I survived and Mason had lots of fun. The things we do for our kids!
So if you’re considering a family vacation to Six Flags over Texas this summer I have a little advice-

Stay at the Hilton Garden Inn. It is lovely, very clean and a fabulous place to stay.sundress.jpg

A $20 knit sundress from Target is the perfect breezy attire for Six Flags. I did shorts last year and trust me, you’ll wish you’d brought a sundress. It didn’t wrinkle, looked great all day, and despite its disposable price tag held up so well I plan on rockin’ it more this summer. But be sure to do a complete armpit inspection before you leave the hotel, unless you’re into the continental look.

A water gun comes in quite handy watergun.jpgat the water park. I felt like a vigilante! Bothered by someone smoking in the non-smoking area - squirt it out! Disgusted by the couple trying to recreate the beach scene in From Here to Eternity next to you in the wave pool - give them a squirt too. I came up with many uses! I wasn’t brave enough to give it a try, or my diplomatic husband really would have had his hands full.

I’ll be back in the shop on Tuesday. Waiting on my desk is the booklet featuring the full fall line from Classic Elite. I got the complete lo down before I left and it is really great. I’ll give all of you a full preview as soon as I can!


Okay, here’s one tiny peek. The photo is pretty cruddy because I took it with my iPhone on my way out the door to pack but the sweater sure is cool!