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December 11: The Passing of the Jello Mold

auntsandy.jpgWe have certain traditions at the holidays, some of which I just don’t understand. For example, last year for some reason that I can’t exactly remember, I was given the task of making Aunt Sandy’s Cranberry Salad. I’m not sure why Aunt Sandy didn’t make it (perhaps because of the weather), but I was given this job simply because I have the food processor.

I make dishes all of the time that I would never in a million years eat myself. My family is used to me holding up recipes saying “would you eat this? It looks fun to make”. Finding an eater who is game is usually my biggest challenge. So preparing a dish that I do not eat was not an issue.

cranberries.jpgSo off to my kitchen I went ready to prepare this sacred dish. I was all jiggly with it - jello, cranberries, sugar, marshmallows, nuts, celery…wait a minute, celery? ICK! I exclaimed. Who eats this stuff anyway? Well I guess just about everyone except for me. I must have done a good job because I have been declared the heir to the cranberry salad recipe. Whoopiedo!

So without further adieu, here is the sacred Cranberry Salad recipe for you.

    Aunt Sandy’s Cranberry Salad
    aka That Celery Jello Stuff

    2 C cranberries (frozen are fine. one 12oz pkg is more than enough)
    1 C sugar
    2 C water
    15 marshmallows (regular, not mini)

    Combine and cook until the marshmallows melt. Add 2 small (or 1 large) packages of cherry Jello. Dissolve and cool.

    Add -
    2 C grated apples (approx. 2 apples)
    1 C chopped celery (approx. 2-3 stalks)
    1 C chopped nuts

    While I’m sure it would be lovely in a Jello mold, we actually just put it in one of those square pyrex pans. Refrigerate and serve jiggly.

I’m not sure if I’ll get assigned this dish again this year, but I have my food processor ready to go!

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