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December 14: The Real Whiz Kid

russell-baby.jpgI was an only child, that is until my brother came along. We have a very typical sibling relationship. Just about every conversation in our family included phrases such as “he’s looking at me“, “her foot is on my side of the car“, or “stop aggravating your brother“.

Russell’s the smart one. While I was getting “the only thing going on after midnight is trouble young lady” speeches, he was getting to stay out all night at supposed “church lock-ins”. Why didn’t I think of that? Only thing is, he really was at the church lock-in…I think. This is the kid after all whose response when mom would yell “I’m telling you for the last time, turn off the damn light and go to bed” was “but I was just reading my Bible stories mommy“.

apple.jpgMom bought him an Apple IIe and enrolled him in a summer computer camp back in the early 80’s when he was in grade school. By the second week, he was teaching the instructors how to do stuff. He hasn’t had a lesson since, and is a bonafide genius on the topic gaining all sorts of prestigious certifications with only a small amount of self-study. When asked once why he didn’t get one of his degrees in the area he responded “why pay to learn something I already know more about than those teaching it?” Smart kid indeed.
Just about every photo I have of him includes something electronic, usually with an Apple on it. He’s the mastermind behind SWAK’s technical prowess; without him I’d still be trying to figure out how to hook up a modem.

Our conversations have matured. If we’re not discussing politics (a subject on which we surprisingly agree), then it is our list of stupid things mom and dad have done for when it’s time to send them to the home. The list is quite long (and growing). We could easily compile our stories into a sitcom.

On any given occasion, if you ask him what dish he’d like for dinner 99.9% of the time his top answer will be mom’s cheese grits! Even if you’re not a grit eater, I guarantee that this dish will be a hit with you too. I have yet to find many who disagree with my brother’s assessment of this fabulous cheesy dish.

My gift to you today is this family favorite!

    Mom’s Cheese Grits

    1 1/2 cups white grits
    6 cups boiling water
    Boil grits for 6 minutes. Remove from heat.

    3 t savor salt
    3 beaten eggs
    2 t salt
    1 t paprika
    1/2 t pepper
    Add to grits then add-
    20oz Old English Sharp Cheddar Cheese (grated)
    1 stick margarine

    Mix well. Pour in large casserole & bake 1 hour at 325ยบ

    Note about ingredients: Some of the original ingredients are sometimes hard to find. I haven’t found savor salt in years, so we just mix savory with season salt. The Old English Sharp Cheddar cheese is impossible to find, except in deli slices. If you can’t find those, a good quality American cheese will do. Don’t buy instant or quick grits - you need the good ol’ fashioned kind. You also won’t find any margarine at my house, nor will you find any butter at mom’s. I’m sure you could use butter, but my brother will not permit me to make the tiniest change so against my better judgment I use margarine too.

Enjoy the grits!

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2 Responses to “December 14: The Real Whiz Kid”

  1. Sherie Says:

    I need a brother like Russell in my life - I’m still trying to figure out my new NOOKcolor (surprise early gift from DH who is also not a techie)!

    Having grown up in Texas, I LOVE grits and especially love cheese grits. This recipe is slightly different than my versions and I’m anxious to try it. Thanks Keely and Sherry!

  2. Another Melissa Says:

    That is SO the same recipe I have for cheese grits, except that I add at least a teaspoon of Tabasco sauce. I use more(or Habanera) if I’m the only one eating that day…oh, and if you use real butter - mmmmmmmmmm.

    Thanks for sharing! Now, a meal of cheese grits and bacon? A cholesterol nightmare, but oh, so GOOD!