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A Grand Affair!

Friday night we celebrate the beginning of autumn with a fantastic Fall Yarn Tasting. We’ve assembled the kits from Classic Elite and have them ready to go…

Trunk show samples continue to arrive, and as usual they are more wonderful in person! Here’s a preview…

We’ll have fab door prizes. Included in each blossom bag is a skein of yarn & a pattern for a fun project!

And I’ve been busy in the kitchen preparing delicious treats for everyone. I made poires au vin rouge this morning and they smell so good! I can’t wait until they chill so we can have a sample.

It isn’t too late to join the fun! We still have a few tasting kits up for grabs, but even if you don’t get a kit you are welcome to come.

If you missed out on the trunk show a few weeks ago, we still have a large amount of the yarns from Feza and Pagewood Farm on hand.

The Yarn Tasting is tomorrow (Friday) from 4-8pm. Hope you can join us!

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3 Responses to “A Grand Affair!”

  1. Judith Smith Says:

    Love both of the cardigans. I keep buying yarn to make stuff, but never have the time to do it all. I am fast becoming sable. Oh, well, maybe in retirement I can do more.

    Looking forward to the tasting. I am going to be soooooo broke.

  2. yarnbuzz Says:

    Yay for yarn tastings!

  3. Donna Miller Says:

    see you tomorrow night, can’t wait to get our tasting kits!