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December 9: Oh Christmas Tree?

This is the time of year that towns and organizations put their best foot forward and erect the annual Holiday Christmas Tree.

There’s Rockefeller Center…

and the White House…

even Congress managed to get something done and put up their tree…

our little town of Guthrie decorates the tree in front of the post office…

When we first moved here the school children decorated this tree with birdseed ornaments. It was darling. I’m not sure who has taken over but I’m thinking it is time for the school kids to take it back.

The sad thing is they had a Christmas season kick off and gathered around for a lighting of the tree. I especially like the white extension cords hanging everywhere.

Fortunately this is not representative of the Victorian Walk Celebration that starts tomorrow night. We start the fun at 2pm with our Holiday Party & Cookie Exchange. Victorian Walk starts at 5 and continues until 9. Donna Hilton from the Weavery at Indian Meridian will be here spinning as part of our window display.

Hope you enjoyed today’s laugh and come see us tomorrow if you can. The tree is even more enjoyable in person.

2 Responses to “December 9: Oh Christmas Tree?”

  1. JennyE Says:

    The birdseed ornaments sound like a way better idea. If they paid someone to decorate that tree they should get their money back.

    I am giddy! I love a good party!

  2. Janet Says:

    Popcorn and cranberries on a string would sure look more festive than the white extension cord, too! I’ll be with all in spirit at the party … just too darn far to travel.

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