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December 18: A Two-for-One

As promised, I have two goodies for you today.

This first pattern was inspired by all of you who come in the shop wanting to make one of those cute flower headbands, but don’t crochet. No, you don’t have to crochet to make a headband but the cute little flower - well those are almost always crocheted. Yes, you can knit flowers but those patterns aren’t as common and they aren’t as easy to do.

So I came up with a fun flower headband with a super easy knitted flower just for you! It is almost 100% crochet free, almost. The loop to fasten it with is 8 chain stitches - EIGHT. Easy, I promise. You can almost just do it with your fingers if you can’t bear to hold a hook. Or you could make a tiny braid, or twisted cord, but really 8 chain stitches are hard to beat.

Yarn: 90 yards worsted weight yarn (we used Classic Elite Katydid, a 100% organic cotton ribbon)
Needle: Size 9 (2 dpns or a circular needle), crochet hook size G or H
Gauge: 21sts = 4″ in 1×1 ribbing

K1P1 Rib
Row 1 (RSR) P1 *K1, P1, repeat from * across
Row 2 (WSR) K1 *P1, K1, repeat from * across

Increase Row - Rib to center stitch, M1R, P1, M1L, rib to end.
(2 sts increased)

Decrease Row - Rib to 1 stitch before center, slip 2 sts together knit wise, K1, pass 2 slipped stitches over, rib to end. (2 sts decreased)

Headband Instructions
Cast on 5 sts, leaving a 12″ tail. Beginning with a RSR -
*Rib 2 rows, work 1 increase row, repeat from * 2 more times (11 sts)
*Rib 4 rows, work 1 increase row, repeat from * 7 more times (27 sts)
Rib 5 rows.
*Work 1 decrease row, rib 4 rows, repeat from * 7 more times (11 sts)
*Work 1 decrease row, rib 2 rows, repeat from * 2 more times (5 sts)
Rib 1 row
SSK, K1, K2tog
With 3 remaining stitches, work a 2″ iCord. Break yarn and draw through sts to fasten off.
Knot I-cord to make button and secure with tail.

Using extra yarn from cast on, insert hook into center st on cast on row and draw up a loop. Chain 8. Slip stitch to beginning to make a loop.

Flower Instructions
Knit a 3 stitch iCord, 20″ long, leaving a 12″ tail at both ends. Fasten off. With one tail loop through iCord every 2 inches, forming 5 petals. Use tails to shape and secure the center. Add a button to the center of the flower, and attach to headband.

M1R - Insert left needle from back to front into the horizontal strand between the last st worked and the next st on the left needle. Knit this strand through the front loop to twist the stitch.
M1L - Insert left needle from front to back into the horizontal strand between the last st worked and the next st on the left needle. Knit this strand through the back loop to twist the stitch.
sl - Slip
SSK - Slip 2 sts knitwise, one a time to right hand needle. Insert left needle into front of these 2 sts from left to right, and knit these 2 sts together.
K2tog - Knit 2 sts together
RSR - Right side row
WSR - Wrong side row
K - Knit
P - Purl
st(s) - Stitch(es)

©2011 Sealed With a Kiss, all rights reserved
Now for treat #2 of the day. If you enjoyed the furry Boot Cuffs pattern from last week, you’re sure to enjoy this new Sweater Boot Cuff pattern too.


Download the pattern today, for it will be gone tomorrow. And it’s gone - but our boot cuffs will be appearing in a new pattern soon, including a fun & flirty boot cuff!
And as an added bonus, I have a tip on how to lose 10 lbs before the holidays and get 3 days to lounge in bed in the process. It’s called the stomach flu! Drop in for an hour at a school filled with wee people and you can catch it too.

Still recovering….

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  1. Janet Says:

    Ooooh … I love the sweater boot cuff even more than the furry one! Thanks for the freebie!

  2. Jenny E. Says:

    Man, I think I’d rather keep the 10 lbs.

  3. Mary Says:

    Glad to hear you’re almost back among the living. Thanks for the patterns!

  4. Mary Says:

    And Jenny’s right, I’ll keep the 10 lbs.

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