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Spring Trunk Shows, part 1

We have 10 different trunk shows scheduled this spring! The list is so long, I’ll start with those up first on the schedule.

February 24 - March 3
Sanibel and Katydid

Sanibel is a new yarn from Classic Elite for spring. It is absolutely beautiful. To be honest, I struggled a bit on whether or not to buy this yarn. Personally, I found the colors featured in the pattern booklet really didn’t do this yarn justice. After pulling away the bright pink/turquoise shades I unearthed a whole different range of the most amazing warm and alluring colors. That is what finally sold me on this yarn.

It is not that I have anything against the brighter shades, but to me they just didn’t work as well to show off this yarn like the warmer tones. You’ll have to come and check it out yourself. We can’t wait to see these garments!


Katydid is an organic
cotton ribbon yarn
that is really fantastic!

My next spring sweater
will be definitely have
to be one of these.

I really love
this yarn.

March 9-17


Allegoro is another organic that combines linen with cotton. This lightweight favorite comes in gorgeous shades.

In keeping with its mostly earth-friendly fiber content, Allegoro is dyed with certified non-toxic dyes.

March 3-31
Seedling Handpaint

While I usually love hand-dyed yarns, they can become a bit more problematic when used in garments. My fear is that you’ll wind up with that “dye pot yaked on your sweater” look, and that’s never attractive.

Seedling Handpaint is a different story - it knits beautifully without unsightly pooling & such. A really pretty yarn, and it’s organic too!

Mark your calendar and be sure to pop in while these shows are here. It is a great opportunity to see these yarns in action, and try the garments out in person before deciding what to make.

We have shows scheduled through the end of May, so it is going to be a very busy spring season!

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