Interchangeable Needles

With interchangeable knitting needle systems you can make multiple lengths of circular needles with just one set of tips!

Our collection of interchangeable needles offers the same features as our circular needles with smooth joins, flexible cables, and tips in a range of point types crafted with durable materials including laminated birch, stainless steel, copper, ebony, and other quality metals and woods.

ChiaoGoo System

This unique system offers the broadest range of size options, with three different joins designated MINI, SMALL, and LARGE. Tips within each join range are paired with a corresponding cable. Tips are available in stainless steel or bamboo, in standard 5" and special 4" lengths. The ChiaoGoo system also differs in that the stated cable lengths are the actual length of the cable, with the tip lengths to be included in order to calculate the total needle length. All ChiaoGoo cords and cables are interchangeable with each other.

LYKKE, Lantern Moon, and Knitter's Pride Systems

These conventional interchangeable systems offer tips in standard 5" and special 4" lengths, and cables to fit all tip sizes with the stated length equivalent to the total needle length including tips. These systems are interchangeable with each other, allowing you to combine different branded tips and cables.