Misha & Puff

Studio Misha and Puff is one of the most exciting new lines introduced this fall.

The brand's founder and creative director, Anna Wallack, knit her first newborn clothes in cozy silhouettes that weren't available in the marketplace, and her designs quickly caught on. This is how the Misha & Puff designer label was born.

The brand is known for its baby and kids' wear, particularly the Popcorn series, which includes allover bobble pullovers, cardigans, bonnets, vests, and more. Each garment is hand-knit to Anna's specifications by a team of dedicated knitters, and the 100% Merino wool yarns are hand-dyed in her chosen colors. The label has recently expanded to include women's wear.

Misha & Puff is a company that is firmly grounded in sustainability principles. They began offering the leftover yarn from cones for sale, which sold out faster than they could wind it into skeins. This high demand from knitters led to a partnership with Kelbourne Woolens, which allowed them to move from leftover mill-ends to the level of production needed to meet demand.

The combined resources of the two companies allowed them to attain the RWS, or Responsible Wool Standard, certification for the yarns used in both ready-to-wear and hand-knitting. The RWS standard ensures that ranches, farms, transporters, and everyone along the production chain meets a stringent standard of care for their animals. Earning this certification aligns Misha & Puff with other high-quality brands committed to animal welfare, such as Patagonia, REI, and LL Bean.

The yarn is divine! Studio Misha & Puff is a pure superwash light-worsted/DK-weight merino. The twenty-seven-color palette of semi-solids, space dyes, and speckled confetti shades is absolutely gorgeous. Treat yourself to this luxurious yarn today!


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