British Crochet

Before the internet connected the world, various regions had unique knitting and crochet terminology and methods. As time passed, standardization became more prevalent, revealing that despite different terms, most people were essentially doing the same thing.

One notable exception to standardization is seen in the US, where the metric system has yet to be fully embraced. The US is the only major country that has not adopted the metric system, requiring special accommodations by pattern writers outside the US.

The most significant deviation from standardization arises from British crochet terminology, which can lead to unexpected results when following a British pattern.

Converting UK terminology to the commonly used terminology is essential. For instance, a US single crochet equals a double crochet in the UK, and a US double crochet matches a treble in the UK. In the US, stitches are defined by how many times the yarn wraps around the hook when pulling up the first loop, while in the UK, stitches are defined by the number of loops on the hook.

The variation in terminology between the US and the UK is due to a common language, eliminating the need for pattern translation. Other countries do not necessarily use US terms, but their patterns have been converted to American English, including US crochet terminology.

Unfortunately, many UK patterns do not warn about different terms. Notable British publications like Rowan, Sirdar, Hayfield, West Yorkshire Spinners, and King Cole, along with Australian patterns, use UK terminology. If unsure, check for a stitch guide in the instructions.

To assist with conversions, we have created a downloadable guide for easy reference, printing, and storing in your project bag.

US/UK Crochet Conversion Chart


Rowan crochet designs featured in this post include...

Beige Top, Elise by Marie Wallen, featured in the Summertime Crochet Collection and available for download on Ravelry

White Filet Lace Shawl, Pothos by Anna Hull featured in Rowan Magazine 75

Gold Hat, Margarida by the Rowan Design Studio, featured in the Summertime Crochet Collection and available for download on Ravelry


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