Nothing brings a fun finishing touch quite like a colorful pompom or tassel!


Let's start with a look at pompoms. The proper name of these decorative tufts is "pompon," coming into the English language in the 19th century from the French. Over time, they became known as "pompoms," and that spelling has overtaken the original French word.

Until the newer pompom makers came on the market, pompoms were miserable to make. It's all about having the right tool, and Nirvana pompom makers from Knitter's Pride are the bomb! You can make a fabulously full pompom every time. Pro-tip: tie the pompom with a long ribbon, making it portable between accessories.

Here is how you use a Nirvana pompom maker:


Fabulous furry poms are a great alternative, with fur and vegan options. All of our fur poms come with ribbon ties.


Tassels are another fun way to jazz up shawls, scarves, hats, or just about anything! While much easier to make without requiring a special tool, these tassel makers from Clover do make the process much easier.

Here is how you use a Clover tassel maker:



Pompoms and tassels are fun and easy to make, great for leftover yarn, and fun craft projects for kids of all ages. Jazz up your next project with a pom or tassel!


Love my scarf? It's a fun crochet project! The pattern is Ziggy Interrupted from Sandra Paul. We used four color combos of Fino Mini Skeins from Manos del Uruguay.

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