Laundry Day!

Care for hand-made items like a pro, with laundering tips and must-have products that make the process much more enjoyable.

Everyone likes an easy-care yarn! Many yarns are suited for machine washing, especially synthetic and plant-based fibers. Woolen yarns designated as superwash have been specially treated to withstand machine washing. Take special care when laundering in machine, and follow label instructions carefully in that a lot can go wrong in a washing machine.

These nifty Hand Wash Tags from Katrinkles are great for labeling your hand wash creations, especially when gifting!

Synthetic fibers are most suited for machine washing, however always check the label to confirm that machine washing is recommended. Plant based fibers typically fare well in the washing machine, especially cottons and linens. Colorfastness must be taken into consideration, especially with saturated colors. It is a good idea to first check for any color bleeding by submerging a small area the sink first, especially with multi-color shades or if laundering with other items to prevent color transfer.

Some yarns will also designate dryer safe, however you should proceed at your own risk. Knitted fabric is inherently stretchy. When wet the fabric becomes heavy and can really stretch out of shape. Laying flat to dry is always the safest choice, and the new Sweater Care Pop-Up Dryer from Cocoknits really helps speed the drying process.

Many of our favorite natural fiber yarns will require hand washing, and it really isn't that difficult to do...especially if you have the proper supplies!

The kitchen sink is often the best place for hand washing. Larger items, such as a throw or blanket, might be easier to wash in a bathtub. The Soak Minnie Basin is perfect for small items, and naturally Soak no-rinse wash is our go-to laundry soap for our hand-wash items.

To hand wash your woolens, fill the sink, tub, or basin with warm water. Do not use hot water in that it can cause some wools to felt. Add a little wool wash. Dish soap works well, but we prefer rinse-free laundry soaps like Soak Wash. Never use Woolite. Despite the name, it is not suitable for wool and can actually cause damage to the fibers.

Soak the item in the wool wash for a few minutes, occasionally giving it a gentle swish in water. Drain the basin. You'll need to rinse well if not using a rinse-free wash. Gently press out the extra water. Do not wring! This can stretch out the fabric.

Lay flat on a towel, rolling tightly to squeeze out the excess water. This can take several large bath towels. We are in love with the new Super Absorbent Towel from Cocoknits! It works like a very large laundry shammy. Lay flat to dry, preferably on a Pop-Up Dryer.

You may need to block your item again. Not all pieces need blocked after washing, but if you do need to block refer to our handy blog post on how to block for more information.

The best of yarns can pill slightly, especially on areas that get more wear. Cocoknits Fuzz Off Comb works beautifully, especially when paired with their Sweater Brush. The Sweater Brush helps bring the pills to the surface before whisking them off with the Fuzz Off Comb. The Sweater Brush also is great for removing lint, fluffing yarns with a halo such as mohair, and simply refreshing your finished pieces.

Always store your woolens clean! Body oil and dirt attract moths. Clothes moths lay larvae on the fabric, and you will not notice their presence until they have already nibbled their way around your precious hand knits. Lavender and cedar will not kill moths, and merely serve as a deterrent. Moth balls are a very effective deterrent, but with a horribly toxic order.

If you do find moths have wiggled their way into your closet or yarn stash, remove the infested item immediately to avoid spreading the infestation. Your two options are to repair or toss. If you do decide to attempt a repair, first place the infested item into the freezer for a few months to kill all eggs and tiny larvae before proceeding.

Happy Laundering!

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