Stitch Markers

You can't have too many stitch markers! These colorful little rings are essential tools, but like socks in the dryer, they have a knack for disappearing. I've lost track of how many my couch has swallowed.


For those new to knitting and crochet, the importance of stitch markers and their various types may seem puzzling.



The basic stitch marker is a closed ring placed on the needle between stitches. Often, patterns specify where to place markers, creating reference points used throughout the instructions for clarity and precision.


Stitch markers can also denote the start and end of stitch pattern repeats. Even if the instructions don't call for stitch markers, they can be very helpful, especially for intricate patterns. They allow you to pause and count stitches between markers, minimizing errors.


Closed ring markers stay on the needle as you work. When you reach a marker, transfer it to the right needle and continue; when it is time to remove the marker, slip it off the needle.



Available in different sizes, some knitters opt for markers slightly larger than the needle. However, I do not suggest this for two main reasons:

  • Small markers can slide beneath the stitches, defeating their purpose. Using a larger marker will prevent this from happening.
  • Larger markers are easier to slide. Small markers leave little room to insert a needle tip into the ring.



Triangle-shaped markers are an excellent alternative if you prefer smaller-sized markers. This shape allows the needle to slip the marker smoothly and prevents it from traveling under the stitch.



Another common marker type is the open ring marker, which is easily removable and suitable for crochet. It can serve the same purpose as a closed ring marker or be placed to indicate a stitch, the end of a row, or any specific point.



One downside of open ring markers is that they can fall off, defeating the point of having a maker in place. Locking markers combine both styles' benefits, staying secure yet opening when needed.



Stitch markers can be functional or a pretty piece of useful jewelry to admire while you work.



Cocoknits stitch markers have an added benefit in that they are MAGNETIC! Couple Cocoknits markers with a Maker's Keep, and locating dropped markers is a snap!


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